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Planning a virtual holiday party?
Planning a virtual holiday party?

Organize Live Multiplayer Trivia Quiz for Your Event!

Private, Business or Enterprise level events are supported!

You can engage and entertain thousands of players from home or at different venues! You can try our FREE plan that supports up to 25 players. Check Pricing page for other plans. For large player capacity, branding , customization or other please contact:

myQuiz is perfect for:


Build your community and create giveaways “live” online


Bring attention to your products/services and increase customer engagement through gamification

& events

Engage with your fans and let them compete for prizes during breaks & intermissions


Make your training more effective and interesting by adding gamification to education.


Ensure your speaking engagements are memorable by adding the interactivity of a quiz


Are your students retaining your lessons? Find out in real time!

Engage & interact with your audience!

Bright emotions, happy audiences & myQuiz

Expand the amount of players up to 100 000, and provide
a unique experience by customizing every detail of your
game: from the welcome screen to the leaderboard.
No matter the size of your gathering, we have a special
offer for you. Contact us and get a personal quote now.

How it works


The quiz host composes the questions, adds images or videos, and sets the parameters, such as the number of prize winners or the time to submit the answer, all at

Why myQuiz

No downloading
and installation

Launch quizzes and play online with no extra effort required.

and offline

Players can take part in your quiz right from the room you host it in, or from any other location.

on any device

myQuiz works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs — all you need is internet access.

See how brands are using myQuiz for community building and increased customer engagement

Use myQuiz to:

Get more leads
in your sales funnel

myQuiz offers extended functionality to convert your audience into potential clients. You can run quizzes exclusively for your social media subscribers, or invite them to join your newsletter during the quiz, or include native advertising into your questions (we can show you how to do it in a live demo). After the game you will be equipped with player data & analytics to gain more insight into your audience and empower you to develop more targeted campaigns.

Warm up your audience
on event quickly

Engaging with your audience has never been simpler or more effective. From industry conferences and sporting events to local festivals and birthday parties, myQuiz will be a great compliment to your function. People love to compete for prizes, even if it’s just for a piece of cake!

Create your own brand-name
quiz platform

Many brands are embracing gamification as part of their marketing strategy and exploring ways to run campaigns with a certain frequency. Did you know you could use your own website as a quiz platform to make the most of the incoming traffic? myQuiz has the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with your website, or mobile app and could even be customized to match your brand.
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Start your own

for free!

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Who made MyQuiz?

WaveAccess is an international custom software company that has been providing high quality offshore development services since 2000.

We merge our vast experience and deep expertise with well-established and cutting edge technologies. Supporting customers in their pursuit of cost-effective software, WaveAccess has been building innovative solutions for a range of industries for over 19 years.