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Distance learning? Manage this with myQuiz!

myQuiz digital platform allows you to create an educational quiz, and host it during your video lesson. All students synchronously answer your questions, while you watch their progress. If a question is too complex for everyone, you can even pause the game for explanations

Have you faced these challenges moving online?

Have you faced these challenges moving online?

  • To keep students’ attention when it is mitigated by the Internet
  • To be sure that your curriculum goals are met
  • To let students share their thoughts and prove their knowledge
  • To keep your class virtually engaged

If you are not sure what to start with, try Facebook + Hangouts + myQuiz

Facebook groups are perfect for social networking, gathering your class, and sharing news. With Google Hangouts, students can attend your live video lessons, communicate, and exchange media. Top it off with a round of myQuiz to make your online meetings more fun!
Step 1
Start a facebook group, and invite your class. Share a link to your Google Hangouts webinar.
Step 2
Create your quiz at You’ll get a link to your quiz, and your quiz number.
Step 3
While presenting at Hangouts, share the link to your quiz, or just tell your quiz number.
Step 4
Your students can play quiz online via their mobile phones while watching your webinar.
Step 5
After the quiz, discuss it, and continue your lesson.

myQuiz helps to cope with social distancing by bringing life into any chat room or a webinar

To outsmart others in myQuiz, students will pay attention
Just tell your class before a lesson that you are hosting a myQuiz contest based on the lesson materials. Students will be more engaged to show up and study to get in the TOP-10! By the way, myQuiz is widely used in public speaking and stadiums to engage audiences. The same will work for your online class!
You instantly see if anything needs additional explanation
After everyone answers a question, you see a distribution of correct and incorrect answers for each question. If there is a particular question with no or just a few right answers, you can discuss it later. You may even want to pause the game, and review the topic immediately!
Leaders change in a real time making everyone push harder
myQuiz is very lively and fast-paced: for example, the names of those who just answered appear on the game’s screen immediately. And after each round, everyone can see the names of the current leaders. And these leaders may change after each new question! Your students can feel that they are all present in the same lesson along with their friends and classmates!
The correct answer is shown to everyone after each question
Emotions can have a powerful effect on people’s memory. When a right answer shows up on the screen, everyone feels an emotion, be it joy or even disappointment. You can even add additional text explanations into your quiz to be shown along with a correct answer, so everyone can read it.

How to design a perfect online class with myQuiz:

Host the same myQuiz before and after your hangouts lesson.

You can see how your students progress after the lesson - and show everyone what they are capable of!

Explain a topic, host myQuiz in another lesson.

This is not like an official knowledge test, because with myQuiz you can do more. You check and rate your students’ knowledge in a friendly and engaging way, and help them to memorize the right answers at the same time.

Try myQuiz instead of homework.

Social distancing means videogames. Engage them in an educational online competition! Feel free to create and schedule your myQuiz game, and it will start automatically at a chosen time. You can watch how students play, or see their stats later.

Encourage students to create their own game!

Let individuals or groups create a quiz - just offer relevant topics, and later, host the best quizzes in your class. Creating and sharing a quiz is really simple!

Don’t let social distancing affect education. Use online tools & keep on

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